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$1075 Limited Registration
$2500 Unlimited Registration

LAST UPDATE: 4-27-15

Days of Opertaion: Monday--Saturday
Closed on Sunday


Our goal as breeders is to match your family to the right Standard Poodle Puppy. This COMPATIBILITY PROFILE (click here to fill out the Compatibility Profile) will help us to match your family to the Standard Poodle sire, dam and/or Standard Poodle puppy most suited to your personality and lifestyle.

Our Standard Poodle puppies sell for $1075 with limited AKC registration and $2500 with unlimited AKC registration.  We reserve the right to deny or allow the purchase of any of our Standard Poodle Puppies with Limited Registration or Unlimited Registration. Please click here to review the Question and Answer explaining the difference between Limited and Unlimited AKC registrations. A $200 non-refundable deposit is required for limited registration and a $400 non-refundable deposit is required for unlimited registration. This deposit will hold your choice of male or female, the color you prefer and a certain position from a certain litter or an individual specific Standard Poodle puppy. The deposit is non-refundable but it is transferrable forever. If the Standard Poodle puppy you have a deposit on does not match well with you or your preference in color or gender, is not born from the certain litter you have the deposit on, or for some reason you have to delay the purchase of your Standard Poodle puppy, your deposit can be used at a later date. 

We offer an extensive health guarantee (click here to review limited registration guarantee) or (click here to review unlimited registration contract).All age appropriate vaccines and wormings are administered to your Standard Poodle puppy and will be up to date when the puppy is ready to go home. Our Standard Poodle puppies are well socialized and are exposed to horses, four wheelers, golf cart rides, car rides and more. They have had their faces and tails trimmed, nails clipped and ears cleaned and a bath at least once and most of the time twice before they reach seven weeks. We use the Dr. Carmen Battaglia Bio Sensor Program on our Standard Poodle Puppies. It was developed by the military and featured in an article in the May 1995 issue of the AKC Gazette (click here to read about the Bio Sensor program). Starting at five weeks and continuing through six weeks we also have a seven step series of socialization steps we put our Standard Poodle Puppies through. (click here to read about our Seven Step Socialization Program)We start the house breaking process with climate controlled indoor/outdoor runs. Your Standard Poodle puppy will be accustomed to being closed in a smaller climate-controlled area at night. Your Standard Poodle puppy has access to the outside and a grassy yard/play area all day by the use of a doggie door.

When you take your Standard Poodle puppy home you will receive a sample of the puppy food that we use here, Purina Pro Plan Chicken Large Breed Puppy. We also offer for sale a complete puppy package that will have you very well prepared to take your Standard Poodle puppy home. The only things not included in this package that you may need would be puppy gates and some way to puppy proof any electrical cords in your home. Please visit our supplies page to see a list and pictures of what is included in this package. We do not offer any of the items separately, only as a package. Our price (also on this page) of this package is cost effective compared to purchasing all these items individually, and also very convenient.

You will have lots of questions about what to do about grooming, feeding, crating and other things related to taking your Standard Poodle puppy home. We have an entire section on our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page dedicated to Questions and Answers, pertaining to bringing your Standard Poodle puppy home. In this Question & Answer section there will also be tips on starting basic commands with your Standard Poodle (click here to read the Questions & Answers dedicated to bringing your Standard Poodle Puppy Home). It goes without saying you will have our assistance available to you throughout the life of your puppy.

Each of our perspective puppy buyers are invited to come and visit us at the home of FAMILY AFFAIR STANDARDS and pick up your Standard Poodle puppy. We also offer our own personal ground delivery service. All through the years we have also had great success shipping our Standard Poodle puppies by plane to their new families. Please take the time to read the fees charged and how both the shipping and personal ground delivery process works. Read our customers personal success stories about shipping and personal delivery on our SHIPPING & PERSONAL GROUND DELIVERY page (click here to read our Shipping & Personal Ground Delivery page). 

Below you will be able to view photos (some in slideshows) and under each photo will be a link to a video of the Standard Poodle puppy in the photo. The Standard Poodle puppies listed individually are ready for their forever homes now.  You will also see slideshows of sires and dams of younger Standard Poodle puppies that will be ready in the near future, as well as videos of the litter itself. The date of birth, available pick up and available shipping date of each puppy or litter will be listed. We try to keep this page as current as possible.


1. The 1st number is a puppy identifactioin number for the puppy in the picture

2. The 1st color listed is the color closest to what color the puppy in the picture will be as an adult. Not the color the puppy is now

3. The 2nd color listed is the color of finger nail polish that is used and has been used since birth to identify the particular puppy in the picture

4. M or F stands for the gender of the puppy

5. The 2 letters that come after the polish color are the first 2 letters in the dams (moms) name of the puppy in the picture

6. DB stands for Date-of-Birth and the numbers are the actual date of birth of the puppy in the picture

#1 White Black M Sw-DB 3-6

Date Of Birth:3-24-15
Pick Up Date: 5-12-15
Shipping Date: 5-1915

2 White
4 Parti Black
2 Parti Silver

1 Silver

2 White M
1 Parti Black M
1 Parti Silver M



Date Of Birth:4-6-15
Pick Up Date: 5-25-15
Shipping Date: 6-1-15

4 White

6 White

2 White M
1 White F

Date Of Birth:4-11-15
Pick Up Date: 5-30-15
Shipping Date: 6-6-15

2 Black
1 Brown
1 Aprciot

2 Apricot

1 Black M

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We spend Sundays with God and our families. We will not accept appointments on Sundays.

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10560 Lake Royale Road, NC • 27882

Mailing Address
10584 Lake Royale Road, NC • 27882

Blake and Wendy Sauls
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